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Status updates: Inventory Refresh

For those who are just joining us, Fiksilmiah In2scifi has been in business since 2018 and have been providing quality comic books and collectibles to many happy customers.

In a nutshell, Fiksilmiah is an authorized DC Comics retailer which sells periodicals in a monthly basis. Aside our instock items, we also allow pre-orders for upcoming comic book titles.

At this moment we are currently updating our instock inventory, and hope to provide accurate information of our goods. Our work-in-progress stock list can be viewed here.

For additional inquiries, please contact us or comment this post.

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Welcome to Fiksilmiah (aka In2scifi Collectibles)

Science fiction.

What comes to mind when you first read that term?

Scientific? Fictionalized? Science and fiction?

As a literature genre, science fiction has often been regarded as the hard-to-digest literature: it requires a fictional setting in a speculative setting of scientific what-ifs.

Welcome to the world of Fiksilmiah, which is a portmanteau of the Indonesian words of fiksi and ilmiah.

This website is the storefront for my online store, which sells American comic books, graphic novels, novels, art books and some other collectibles that I’ve encountered throughout the years. Some are in pristine new condition, some may be pre-loved (as indicated).

I hope you enjoy your visit here.

-Arvin Nathanael Chandra
-Founder of Fiksilmiah Indonesia